NEW! NOVA - The new dimension

The new dimension in fully automatic commercial vehicle washing combines design and the latest technology.

We proudly present our new car wash model "NOVA".

This is a completely newly conceived and designed car wash in which our latest and unique technology is installed.

The "NOVA" is equipped with the newly designed front panel "BLADE PREMIUM illuminated" with additional attached RGB display, which shows clear instruction animations for the driver to support the entry, the stop and the correct positioning of the vehicle. In addition, correct positioning is possible via an ultrasonic sensor which, similar to a parking aid for cars, indicates to the driver the correct positioning in the car wash via colour signals/colour intensities. The VITESSE high-pressure side wash is integrated in the gantry bar and can be operated simultaneously with the brush wash in the pre-run.

The VITESSE is available in different heights to achieve optimum washing results for individual vehicle heights. The high-pressure system operates oscillating with rotor nozzles or with rigid nozzles and can be operated at a pressure of up to 80 bar.

By integrating the side high pressure into our wash gantry, the dimensions of the wash system could be reduced, which increases the maximum available wash length. In addition, this significantly reduces the washing time per vehicle, as the side brush wash and the high-pressure wash can take place simultaneously in one wash overflow.

In addition, our roof bar high pressure has also been integrated into the gantry. This can also be optionally equipped with oscillating rotor nozzles or with rigid nozzles, depending on the customer's requirements.

The new NOVA machine offers many more features and innovative solutions, such as the automatic recognition of mirrorless camera systems of new trucks, for which special washing programmes were created.

For easier operation of the new washing system, a new touch control terminal with a user-friendly interface has been developed and is available as an option.

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