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How to use Schematics

It's as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Our new website has a feature that lets you order parts simply by clicking on the schematic illustration. Here's how!

Step 1

Choose your Category, and Open a Schematic

Step 2

Click on the Part you want

Step 3

Add it to your Shopping Cart

How to use Search

Our new Search function is vastly improved!

The new Moss website takes advantage of the latest search technology with drop-down options to help speed your search.

"Okay, I found the head gasket I want... I still need bolts and stuff. How do I get to the schematic?"

From the head gasket product page, below the item you'll see a navigation bar that includes the option "WHERE USED." From that menu you can click on the schematic of parts that accompany the cylinder head.

How to use Navigation

Navigate with Ease!

Similar to the previous version of, much of the navigation of the site starts from the left hand column. Once you've chosen your vehicle, all the categories are there to lead you to the parts you need. You can also specifically search for parts on sale or our latest products—here's how!

On the new site we have some great added features!

Step 1

Click the blue Plus [+] sign to narrow down your search

Step 2

Click the toggles to show only the "ON SALE NOW" or "NEW ARRIVALS" products (Note: if you're having difficulties finding what you're looking for, check to see if these toggles are switched on.)

How to view tablet and mobile

One of the great advantages of our new website is how it is built to work seamlessly with your smart phone or tablet. In the garage, on the road, or while sitting in your easy chair, the best parts for your car are only a few finger taps away.

How our stock status works

Our new website is now directly linked to our warehouse inventory, so at a glance you can see if a product is readily available, low inventory or not currently available. 

The Moss Motors purchasing team is the best in the business. That’s why we have those hard to find parts for your car. We work hard to eliminate any delays, backorders and those oh-so-frustrating "unobtainium" parts—and we strive to keep you as informed as possible about your order.

How to use My List

Many e-commerce websites call the MY LIST feature a "wish list." It's a convenient tool for saving parts that you are considering or would like to purchase at a later date. When using the Moss website, you can add parts to your MY LIST by clicking the clipboard icon located next to the "ADD TO CART" button.

To view the parts you've saved to your MY LIST, simply click on your profile at the top of the Moss webpage and select MY LIST. If you haven't yet created your online profile, it only takes a couple minutes, and your shopping experience with Moss Motors is quick and easy. 

How to use Quick Order

Quick Order saves tons of time!

On the top menu of the home page is the option "Quick Order." This feature is especially beneficial to shops or individuals undertaking a big project like a full restoration.

Simply put, if you have created a spreadsheet of parts to order, Quick Order enables you to upload the Moss part numbers directly to your shopping cart. Or you can choose to quickly add the part numbers and quantity with “Input Your Order." This saves you the time of searching the website and adding each part to your cart.

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